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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Newfoundland Cojones

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams is showing his fellow premiers how one really plays hardball with the Feds.

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams, escalating his battle of nerves with the federal government, said that Ottawa had no intention of settling a revenue-sharing dispute and had “dragged” him to talks in a bid to humiliate his province. Furious, he said that he wouldn't fly the symbol of a nation that was “slapping” his province in the face and on Thursday ordered the Canadian flags taken down.
With the next federal election endlessly on the horizon, Paul Martin cannot afford to offend the province that granted his Liberal Party 5 out of their 7 parliamentary seats. One might say that Mr. Martin is stuck between The Rock and a Hard Place (heh).

UPDATE: I just tried out the Cojones Test myself and only scored a 40 out of 100.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I scored 40 myself. I am obviously not Danny Williams. I admire the guy for telling the Feds to stuff it. I only wish Ralph would do the same and tell the PM there will be no gay marriage in Alberta even if it means breaking the law, He can shove Kyoto up his ass, He can tell us how to run our health care only after he shuts down the private clinics in Quebec. Yeah right.

December 24, 2004 at 5:12 PM  

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